In a dynamic healthcare landscape, nurse job satisfaction plays a crucial role in maintaining high-quality patient care and fostering a positive work environment. A recent ranking of 146 hospital systems by nurse satisfaction has shed light on the organizations excelling in this regard. NurseContact, a leading digital marketplace connecting international nurses with US employers, is keeping a keen eye on these rankings to ensure a seamless and fulfilling hiring process for both parties. Let’s explore
NurseContact, the leading digital marketplace facilitating connections between international nurses and U.S. employers, is delighted to share breaking news regarding California’s recent initiative to create RN license for retired nurses. This development marks a significant step towards addressing the growing demand for experienced healthcare professionals in the United States. In this article, we will explore California’s innovative approach and how NurseContact is perfectly positioned to assist retired nurses in quickly and efficiently obtaining their renewed
In today’s fast-paced healthcare industry, nurse burnout is an ongoing challenge affecting hospitals worldwide. This article unveils the consequences of healthcare staff rust-out and discusses the role of NurseContact, a groundbreaking digital marketplace connecting international nurses with US employers. This platform not only matches qualified nurses with suitable job opportunities but also streamlines the hiring process, creating a win-win situation for both nurses and employers. Understanding the Growing Concern:The recent Becker’s Hospital Review article shed

Top 10 nursing homes in the Country

Posted on October 5, 2023
NurseContact, the leading digital marketplace connecting international nurses with US employers, is excited to announce the top 10 nursing homes in the country according to Newsweek Magazine. These nursing homes provide the best care for elderly patients in terms of quality medical care, staff-to-patient ratio, and overall environment. The top nursing home on the list is The Buckingham in Houston, Texas. The facility’s amenities like a salon, fitness center, and fine dining restaurant make it
In the healthcare industry, retaining nurses is of utmost importance, as they play a crucial role in ensuring quality patient care. To shed more light on this subject, we turn to a 4-time Magnet® certified system, which has successfully retained nurses for years. This system shares some insights on what keeps nurses around. One crucial factor that ensures nurse retention is by creating a positive work environment. Nurses need a work environment where they feel