According to a recent report, registered nurses may see the highest wage increase within the next decade. The study, conducted by Mercer, a global consulting firm, found that the demand for RNs is rapidly increasing and is projected to continue growing, especially with the shortage of nurses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is great news for nurses, who already make a decent salary. But with the expected increase in demand, they can expect even higher pay. The report predicts that the average RN salary could increase by up to 45% by 2030, which is a significant jump from the current average salary range of $60,000 to $80,000.

At NurseContact, a digital marketplace for matching international nurses with US employers, we are thrilled to hear this news. We are committed to helping international nurses find rewarding job opportunities in the US and ensuring a streamlined hiring process. This high demand for RNs means that more nursing jobs will be available, which increases the chances of finding the perfect placement for our candidates.

The report suggests that the demand for RNs will be fueled by several factors, including an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, and the expansion of healthcare services. As a result, healthcare employers will need to offer attractive compensation packages to attract and retain RNs.

It’s important to note that salary is not the only consideration for nurses when it comes to job satisfaction. Nurses also value a safe work environment, a positive culture, and opportunities for career growth and development.

At NurseContact, we work closely with both nurses and employers to ensure that these factors are taken into account. When matching international nurses with US employers, we ensure that both parties are a good fit in terms of culture, values, and goals. By doing so, we help to create a more positive and satisfying work environment for nurses.

In conclusion, the demand for RNs is increasing, which is great news for both nurses and healthcare employers. At NurseContact, we are excited to help international nurses find job opportunities in the US and contribute to addressing the nursing shortage. By working together, we can ensure that both nurses and healthcare employers achieve their goals and provide the best possible care for patients.